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Get A Free Year’s Membership, No Strings Attached!


It’s been a slow year for me in the Angel Investing world. I think I’ve made a total of thirteen investments so far.

To promote crowdfunding and angel investor activity, I am offering a free year of the Annual Angel membership level, providing full access to the Angel Powwow website to anyone who takes advantage of the discount code!


Angel Powwow is a site dedicated to the crowdfunding/angel investing community. One of the platform’s best features is the ability to bring opportunities for discussion to the forums. Share your thoughts and opinions about a particular opportunity and see what others think of it.

Expand your knowledge and understanding of startups, angel investing, crowdfunding, deal flow, terms, security types, and more.


I said “No Strings” in the title, but there is one catch. This code is only good until 11:59 pm on December 31st, 2023 (Pacific time), so you must use it before then.

To get a free year’s membership, head on over to Angel Powwow, click on the Sign Up or Register button, enter your information, select the Annual Angel membership option, enter the discount code “1yearfree” (no quotes, all lower-case, all one word), click Apply, and then click Register.

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