How to Use This Site

There are quite a lot of features available to you on the Angel Powwow website.  As such, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for if you don’t know where to look.

This page can serve as a reference for you on how to use this site when you need to refresh your memory on where something is or how to perform a certain task.  I’ve tried to organize it by intended function.  Hopefully, the layout and organization make sense to you.

***The website has already been updated since this video was created.  Although much of the content is still valid, the locations of some features may have been moved.  I plan to create mini videos for each feature so that, when changes are made, I can update that individual video instead.***

Where Can I Find…?

This section will help you find the various features available to you and the information you’re looking for here at Angel Powwow.


The primary goal of this site is to provide a place where angel investors can share their insights, opinions, experiences, and so on with each other.  To that end, we offer multiple methods for communicating with one another.

Please note that all sections of this site are governed by the Terms and Conditions.


By far, the forums are going to be the go-to place for deal information.  You can find the forums by clicking on the Forums menu at the top of the page.  You can then select from the various Forum submenus to be taken directly to that particular forum.  You can also click on direct links that you will see in the Activity Feed and in the Recent Discussions and Recent Replies widgets to be taken to specific discussion threads.

You can subscribe to entire forums as well as individual topics within a forum by clicking on the Subscribe button in the upper-right when inside that forum or topic.  Subscribing will notify you by email when new activity occurs.

You can also view only the forums and discussions you’ve interacted with or subscribed to by selecting My Forum Activity from the nav bar on the left or Forums from the member drop-down menu.

Rules and guidelines for using the forums can be found in the following locations:

Rules and Disclaimers

How to Use These Forums


The Groups function is really just another forum that’s simply tied into the social aspect of this platform.  You can access groups by clicking on the Groups menu or the group name in the Groups widget of the right-hand sidebar on the Activity page to get to that particular group.

You can also view only the groups your a member of by selecting My Groups from the nav bar on the left or Groups from the member drop-down menu.

If you wish to create a group, click on the member drop-down menu and select the Groups > Create Group submenu item.  You can then set up the group and invite people to become members.  One example of a group would be for Local Chapters.  I’ve set one up and added threads for Sacramento, California, and Marysville, California.

Another potential use for groups is creating one for investing in certain types of opportunities (gaming, medical, save the world, etc.).  You could then discuss opportunities that apply to that particular category.

Groups can be a powerful tool to leverage as you start building your network.


This platform offers you the option to message other members directly.

To access this feature click on the Community menu and select the Members submenu item.  Simply click on the Message or envelope icon for the member that you want to message.  You may also click on the Message button when viewing the member’s profile.

Live Chat and Video

This site employs a live chat feature that can be seen on the right-hand sidebar of the Activity Feed page.  There’s also an app that may load in the lower-right corner of your screen.

The Live Chat room is visible to all members.  If you want to engage in live chat, simply enter what you want to say in the “Type and send a message…” field and hit enter/return or click Send.  You also have the ability to use emojis, change your chat colors, attach pictures or files, and more.  Clicking on your user image next to the message field allows you to set various availability levels as well as adjust notification and sound settings.

The app is a pop-up that allows you to message individual members as well as have the Live Chat room in a separate window.  Using the private chat option also gives you the ability to conduct a one-on-one video chat by clicking on the little video icon at the top of the chat window.  This is a great way to communicate “in-person” with another member.  Clicking on your user image or the settings icon allows you to set various availability levels as well as adjust notification and sound settings.

Articles and Information


Part of this site includes a blog.  From time to time I’ll publish various articles that I think may be of interest to Angel Powwow members.  Many of these articles will be written by me but there will be times when guest posts will be published as well.

The latest blog posts will be displayed on the home page automatically.  That said, you can see all of them or only specific categories of posts by clicking on the Blog menu item and either clicking on Blog again or on one of the category submenus.

These posts are to be educational, informational, and so on but not about actual angel investing opportunities.  Those can be found in the forums.

General Information

Basic topics such as About Scott Hinkle, How To Use This Site (the page you’re reading now), and various legal information can be found under the About menu.



General member activity, such as someone updating their profile or posting in the forums can be seen on the main Activity Feed page.  You can also view activity for a particular member by viewing the Timeline section of their profile page.

One nice feature of the activity view is that there’s a Mentions option to show when someone mentions you in their communications.

Managing Your Account

Your account is you on Angel Powwow.  It’s where you let other members know who you are and how you’ll communicate with them.  If you don’t have an account, there’s not much you can do on this site.  As such, it’s important to keep it up to date.

Update Your Profile

Angel Powwow is meant to connect angel investors with other like-minded individuals and help build an angel investing network.  To make this a more in-depth experience, you are encouraged to update your profile and share a little about yourself so, when members view your profile, they can have a more personal connection with you.  You might have hobbies or other traits in common that will strengthen your bond.

To access your profile, click on the member drop-down menu and select the Profile submenu item. You may also click on My Profile in the nav bar on the left.

Please enter your name (if it’s not already listed), a little about yourself, and your approximate angel investing experience level.  Please consider uploading a profile photo (so others can put a face to the name) and a cover image as well.

Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking on the Save Changes button.

Update Your Settings

No platform is perfect.  One way to make Angel Powwow a more personal experience is to modify your account settings.  You can perform several tasks in this section including; updating your email address, changing your account password, modifying email notification settings (cut down on messages you don’t want to receive), select which fields people can view in your profile, manage your subscription, limit who can invite you to groups and manage your data (including requesting an export of your data or deleting your account).

To access this area click on the Member drop-down and select the Account menu item.  You can also access this area by selecting My Account from the nav bar on the left.  From there you can click on the various links to access the area you’re interested in.  You can manage your subscription by clicking on the Account option found there and then on the “Upgrade or change your membership” link.